lunes, 18 de junio de 2018


Creating a game was my favourite proyect this year in biology .
It was very fun to start imaging and making a sckech of it,in this proyect you can select your fauvorite game and change the laws of the game,so that ithave some biology things.

At the begining i was thinking about a lot of games so couldn´t decide what games was better,but finally i decide to make a version of the game parchis.

In this proyect you could start your game changin the original game or star making it by the start.
In my game i start by the begining,so i started with the board,I beging makin a normal parchis board in a box so that it was more confortable to transport it then i started decorating the chips of the game,later i started making the questions and then i writed the games laws.

In my game you have to play as ifwere the normal parchis,but when you are goin to put a chip in the centre you have to answer a biology question.

So in resume this proyect was very funny and entertaining.

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