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ETWINNING -  Project for our 3rd Graders... 
...a challenge to multiculturalism!  



We enjoy life, learning and communicating!!!



So, this is what we are like....

Ainhoa Calatalifa
Hi! My name is Ainhoa, I am 14 years old and I live in a village near Madrid called Villaviciosa de Odón. I love the place where I live because is a calm place with lots of good people. Physically I have blond hair, green eyes and I am thin and tall. I love practicing sports and traveling abroad. I practice tennis and paddle and I also like soccer very much. If could meet any famous person, I would meet Rafa Nadal, one of the greatest sportive person in the world. As I said before, I love sports, I also enjoy hanging out with my friends. I am looking forward to finish school, and going on vacation. I have a dog called Nala and the subjects i hate are geography and language. In the future I wish I could travel a lot and going to see the Olympic games.

Marta Calatalifa

Hello my name is Marta, I´m writing this because I want to introduce myself. I am 14 years old and I life in Villaviciosa de Odon, Madrid. About physical aspect i could say I am not a told girl, I have brown eyes, but if I could chose, I would have them green. I have long dark blonde hair and my face is kind of oval. Related to my personality I can say I´m a very extroverted and friendly person, also about me I could say I´m not a self-confident girl, but I’m a very good friend.  If I had to choose only one adjective to describe me I would say that I am a very loving person. What I like most in life is spending time with friends and family, and what I hate the most is fake people, I also love going shopping and leading on my bed just watching Netflix.

Vero Calatalifa
I have very long brown straight hair, dark brown eyes and a fair skin colour.I would consider myself tall and skinny. I have no earrings and no piercings. I have an oval face shape and very long eyelashes. I would consider myself a lonely person. I am a friendly and charming person, that usually takes care of her friends, and cheers them up, but sometimes I can be very acid and lose my temper as well. I am a sporty person and very mature for my age. I love sports and my favorite sport is rhythmic gymnastics. I practice it at a high level, hoping to go to international competitions soon. I love animals as well, in general cats. I have two cats, whose names are Sian and Barsik. I am half Russian, because of my parent and know four languages: French, English, Spanish and Russian.If I were an animal, I would be a cat or a wolf, because they are both independent and lonely, and usually take care of family and friends.                                                                                                      If only I could meet someone, I would love to meet Alexandra Soldatova, who is a Russian rhythmic gymnast. I love her for everything she does, and I usually compare myself to her.

Sandra Calatalifa
Hello my name is Sandra, I am an average height girl with long chestnut colored hair. My eyes are the same color as my hair, but they are a darker tone. Psychologically, I am kind, hardworking, Iike to have fun, and you can trust me with a secret. If I could be an animal I don’t know which one i would like to be, because I am happy being a human, although, if I could have a superpower it would be to be able to turn into an animal at my will and also be able to turn back to my original self. During the weekends I like to hang out with my friends or watch TV, when I have holidays I usually go to the beach with my family and I have a tradition with my cousins in which we go every summer, for a couple of weeks to a rural house. I wish I had a lot of money to travel around the world and buy lots of houses in every country. I don’t like visiting the monuments and history of a city. I ´d rather go to the beach or to famous landmarks and tourist attractions, but not museums.

Daniela Calatalifa
Hello my name is Daniela, I am 15 years old and I live in a town called Villaviciosa de Odón, outside Madrid. I was born in February, so I am a Pisces. I am a tall girl with light brown hair and I have green eyes. I am also skinny, although I like to eat a lot, but I practice a lot of sports, so it compensates. As I said before I have light brown hair and it is not too long or too sort. I like to wear my hair untied and usually straight, although sometimes I curl it. And also I have braces. Regarding my personality, I am a really open-minded person, I think its because I've travelled a lot, thing that I really love. I also like doing different things and going to cool places. I am also friendly and reliable. Furthermore, I am really organized, and that is something I really like about myself, also that I am really self-sufficient. And I think I’m very mature for my age. And finally something about me is that if I could travel to any place, that would be Thailand. Also I love watching series in my free time, and cooking healthy food. I practice athletics and go to the gym. I love singing, it relaxes me. And I would like to start practicing the piano.
Isma Calatalifa

Hey I am QueenIsma and I am 15 years old, I am from Madrid and my family is from Morocco. Physically I am a tall girl with brown eyes and dark hair, long lashes, slim body, big ass, perfect nose and big chorizo lips remarked by my notable compact cheek bones. Personally I consider myself as a big personality, I am a very sociable person and at the same time very different, too. I am very extroverted, charming, funny, crazy girl; I am freaking passionate by FASHION, MUSIC and ART! If I could compare myself to a painter, I would definitely be PICASSO and his art, because I am very abstract in a way that not much people understand me, because I am shiny as glitter and crazy as abstract art. In less than a decade I would like to became a big shiny superstar, I would like to change the world with my music, performance and art.
Alex Calatalifa
Hello, I’m Alejandro Gonzalez, but all the people call me Alex or Galindo, I have 15 years and I live in a town called Villaviciosa De Odon. My parents are called Gemma and Marco and I have a sister called Daniela and a dog called Daisy. We live in a house with a pool and a garden and situated in a good place of the town. I’m 1'70m tall and I'm 57kg weight, I have brown hair, and I have brown eyes. I have a normal body with a normal face. I consider me handsome but only when I shower, because when i woke up I look horrible. I don't wear glasses or brackets and I like to wear clothes that are clean. I like to wear jeans but I also wear sports clothes.I am a funny guy that likes to make jokes, I'm kind but when I'm angry I'm very rude. I'm very sporty and I like to practice sports like football or driving karts. I'm a follower of the best team in the world Atletico De Madrid and I like a lot the player Antoin Griezmann. I'm not very good student but i wish I don't fail any subject. In the future I want to work in a business where I'm with my computer doing nothing and winning money without doing nothing. I will live in a hose with three floors and with my girlfriend and a dog. And this is my description.
Dani Calatalifa
Hello, I am Daniel Bellido Field and I go to IES Calatalifa.I am half American and half Spanish because my mom is from the USA and my dad is from Spain.I have Two siblings, an older brother and a younger sister. I live in a town called "Villaviciosa de Odón."I am a 15 year old boy with average height but a bit chubby. I have curly short brown hair and hazel eyes, I am physically strong but I am a bit fat but I am working out. I am an introverted, open minded and intelligent. According to the Myers Briggs test I am a mediator which means I am a introverted, intuitive, feeling, prospecting and  turbulent. I believe there is good in everyone and that everyone can improve if they put their mind to it My spirit animal is an owl because I am silent and intelligent but when it’s time to act I act at the right time. If I were a mythical animal I would be a phoenix because they can heal themselves and heal other. I like watching cartoons and TV shows because they take me to another world but I Love books because I can create a world within the parameters the author gives me.
Claudia Calatalifa
Hello my name is Claudia, I have curly brown hair, I have brown olive eyes. Im tall and my skin is ver white. I love my smile, my lips and I have some freckles and piercings. In my free time I like practicing synchronized swimming, drawing, staying on my phone and watching Netflix. I have one little brother called Nicolas and I travel abroad a lot. What I hate the most in life is, things don’t going like I want, and people telling me what to do. I consider myself a very optimistic person, I can be very annoying, I’m very carefree and sometimes a bit careless. I am very cheerful, hardworking sometimes and very lazy. I’m super self-confident, self-sufficient and obviously talkative, I love shouting. If I were a color I would be blue, like the sea and the sky. If I had a superpower i would like to have mental control on others. If I had to be an animal, I´d be an eagle.
Jose Calatalifa
Hello I am Jose Ramon, I am 15 years old, i live in Villavicosa de Odon and i study in IES Calatalifa. i grew up as an only child but I have an older brother, however he is 43 years old and he lives on his own, I live with my mom and dad. I am really intered in video games and in sports and in the future i want to be rich be married and have two (Bruno and Ines)I consider myself a self-sufficient , sporty anf funny person, because I love to practice sports. I am tall, thin and I have brown eyes, hair and skin. On my free time I like to play Fortnight with my friends, work out, practice sport and triathlon but now I cannot because I am injured of my back, I can't wait to start again working out and training, riding with my back....I also enjoy watching series and films. I am really talented on MTB so I am thinking of joining an MTB club.

Diego Calatalifa
Hi, my name is Diego and I am going to do a psychological and physical description of myself. I am 15 years old I live on Villaviciosa de Odón that is a big village near Madrid. I live with my father and mother. I have a dog and I live very near from my father parents. I live on a huge house that is only of one floor. I am a medium-tall boy, I have green eyes, big lips, big back a normal head and wavy hair, I am good looking. My most special treat, that most people say to my are my eyes. Now I am going to talk about my psychological characteristics, I am a arrogant person, but very funny, I am a very understanding person and I am temperamental too.

Martina Calatalifa
HI! my name is Martina and I´m going to introduce myself. I´m 16 years old and I live in Villaviciosa de Odon, Madrid. About my physical aspect, I could say that I´m a quite tall person, I have brown eyes and fleshy lips, my face is round and I have a beauty spot on my upper lips. Talking about my personality I could say I´m a friendly person, I always try to make people laugh because I don’t like to see people sad. I also could say that I’m a kind person. I am also a little shy, fun, funny . One of the things that I love of me is that I´m a very very caring person. What I hate most in life is fake people because those people shows one type of personality and then is all they way round. On my weekends I love to meet my friends and go to the village to have a good time together, I also love shopping and dance.

Luca Calatalifa
Hi my name is Luka and now I'm going to introduce myself. I’m 16 years old and I'm from Macedonia. I have lived in Spain for 4 months and i came here because of basketball. I grew up in small country where basketball is the most popular sport. I play basketball since I was 7 and that's what I love to do. I play in Spanish Basketball Academy (SBA) and I'm a captain of the national team of Macedonia. Here I study in Ies Calatalifa and I'm in adaptation class because of my Spanish. At first studying here was a little bit tough but now I'm doing pretty good. I love playing basketball and I'm working hard every day. My dream is to be a professional basketball player and I will do everything so the dream comes true.I wish we could have great time and good friendship in the next years.

Alicia Calatalifa
I am Alicia and I am from Villaviciosa De Odón, Madrid. I am a very tall girl with brown bright eyes and long straight hair. I am very athletic and I like doing things I like. My face is oval and I also have a big forehead. Something i like about myself is my eyebrows and leaving my hair untied. I am personally a very open-minded person and that is why I love meeting new people. I am also a fun person and i love doing entretaining things like going to the ammusement park or to the movies as a way to spend time with friends. I have one young sister and five cousins.I have two nationalities: Spanish and French that is why I have family in France and Spain and can talk both languages perfectly.Finally, I practice track and field but one of my favourite sports is ski too. I play piano and like listening to music on my free time. I also love eating and my favourite food is hamburgers and my favourite drink, lemonade. In the future I want to study in college and travel around the world a lot. This are some things about me so I hope we will get to know each other better and maybe meet one day.
Esther Calatalifa
Hello I am Esther, I am from Madrid, I am 15 years old and here it goes my description.
I have an average high, I am very skinny and dark-skinned. I have a short, dark brown hair. I have a diamond face shape and brown eyes with long eyelashes, and I wear in my right ear one earring, and 3 earring in my left one.
I am very friendly, but at a first when you meet me I am very shy. My laught can be noisy and for some people annoying. I usually worry a lot about everything and everyone. My friends say I am vey funnt and charming and always full of energy.If I were a colour I would be green. If i were and animale I would be a poisonous frog. If I had a superpower it would be metamorphosis, it would be awesome to transform in anything I want.I  love savannah animals, but specially elephants and zebras. I like to play videogames and watch TV, and in the future I would like to be something related with medicine.

Ceci Calatalifa
Hi, my name is Cecilia and I am 14 years old. I live in Villaviciosa de Odon, a small village in Madrid.I have long dark-brown hair, almond-shaped brown eyes, small head, a tiny nose, small mouth and and I have fair-skin. I usually wear large earings and I used to do my make up. My height is 1.60 metres.I lived with my mum and my brother in a big flat. But sometimes I visit my dad, who lives in Pinto, to his big house. My dad has a dog, he is called Lucky and he is 4 years old.On my weekend I used to hang out with my friends or my family. I also like to watch netflix on my computer, sleep and eat.In my school my favourite subjects is math since I decided to be a math teacher when I grow up. I wish I could be a good math teacher in the future.My hobbies are painting, dancing, listening to music, hanging out with my friends and learning new things about make up.And that´s me.

César Calatalifa
Hello! My name is Cesar, Im 15 years and I live in Villaviciosa de Odon, a town in Madrid ( Spain), I study in the Calatalifa secondary school an Iam going to describe my self.I have a very dark and dense hair, brown eyes, I am 1,70m tall and I am skinny but I eat a lot. Iconsider myself a handsome boy. My favourite part of my body are my lips and the part of my body that I hate the most is my nose. Personally, I am a sociable person, I like meeting new people and I an very self-confident. In the future I wish I could have a big amount os money to have a relaxed life with my family and friends. The thing I like the most os someone when I met him or her is the sense of humour and a different personalityand theb thing I hate the most in life is the false people. Sometimes I have a very strong personality and when I get andry I become crazy.
Itahisa Calatalifa
Hi I´m Itahisa! I am 14 years old, I live in Villaviciosa de odon (Madrid), I love sports and my favorite color is purple.

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