lunes, 18 de junio de 2018

Building a Dragon

In biology class, we do a lot of activities, including projects like building our own flower, make up games.... 

One of these projects was building and designing our own unique dragon. Our teachers gave us different characteristics: aquatic or terrestrial dividing the class in two halfs: one half with one of these characteristics and the other half with another characteristic. Then the halfs were divided into other halfs: carnivores an herbivores and from there they started developing their own unique dragon. 
We coloured each dragon the way we wanted, positioned the wings on the back (“toothless” from “how to train your dragon”) or in the frontal legs (“the Hungarian Horntail” from “Harry Potter and the goblet of fire”), the tail with spikes or with a shape at the end, the head with one or two heads......
And this is how we built or own dragon.

By Daniel Barnett Aranda

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