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January 2018

Every year the physical education department prepares a trip to the Pyrenees were you can learn how to ski, have fun with your friends and enjoy the amazing experiences and breathtaking views of the landscape. I have been going to that trip every year since I was in 2nd of ESO, and I can say it has been one of the best experiences in my life.

The structure of the trip is more or less the same every year:

We leave on Sunday morning and stop at lunch time in a little village called Barbastro, where we can eat some pizza. Then we continue until we arrive at the resort (that should be around 5:00 pm). When we arrive we have some free time in order to let everyone settle in their rooms. You need to be ready for having dinner at 8:00 pm. Then, you have free time until 12:00 am and you can enjoy with your friends by going to the disco near the hotel, or you can just chill out in your room.
Everyone has to be ready for breakfast at 8:30am because the bus leaves the resort at 9:00 am. Once we arrive at the ski station everyone has to take their equipment and be prepared for the level exhibition. You will be classified into different groups depending on your ski level. The lessons start at 10:00 am and finish at 12:00 pm every day. We have lunch at the station at 1:00pm and then everyone can enjoy their free time skiing with friends until 4:30 pm, when the bus goes back to the resort. When we arrive we have free time until dinner, and then we can do whatever we want until 12:00 am.

*Every day we follow the same routines except for some changes which I am going to mention.

After finishing our skiing day, we will go directly to Taüll, where we will be able to see one of the most important pieces of our history, the church of Sant Climent. There, we will enjoy an incredible video projected on the back of the church that will show how real paintings were at ancient times.

The trip also includes a visit to the “Spa Augusta”, where you can relax in the different types of sauna or in the heated swimming pool. You can also visit the spa in your free time if you want, but the entrance fee is 8 euros.

During your skiing lessons you will participate in a race against the clock, and a professional photographer will take some pictures during your ride (the price of the photo is 5 euros). Medals will be given to the winners in the resort at a party where you will have something to eat. 

This will be your last night, so there will be a special party in the disco of the resort. You need to prepare your suitcases for the following day.

This will be your last day, so after enjoying the snow you will need to give your equipment back to the staff of the ski rental before having lunch. Then we will go back to the hotel in order to take all our luggage, and we will finally leave. We will stop in the middle of our way back home in order to have dinner, and we will arrive Madrid around 11:00 pm.

I would totally recommend this experience to everyone, no matter if you don’t know how to ski. From my point of view, this is one of the best experiences you can have. I’m sure you will love Boí Taüll!

Fernando Ruiz Cerrajero

Find more photographs HERE.

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