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Greek Myths_ 1º ESO Myth of Prometheus

This is the script of the theatre work by Gino Cardarelli, Elisa Sánchez, Pablo Vega and Elsa Revilla. 1ºE
(Script, performance and scenography)

Narrator: Once upon a time....there was a Titan called Prometheus, benefactor of humanity. Zeus got so angry that he took the fire from the mortals.

Zeus: This will be your punishment!!! (Zeus takes the fire from the mortals)

Mortals: Noooo pleaseee!!!!!

Narrator: So Prometheus wanted to recover fire for the mortals.

Prometheus: I have to take the fire, the mortals need it!

Narrator: Prometheus went to the Mount Olympues to take the fire from Apolo´s carriage.

Prometheus: I have got the fire!!!

Narrator: And he gave it to the mortals. Zeus got so angry because of Prometheus´ taunt so he called Hephaestus and told him to make a clay woman called Pandora.

Hephaestus: (He makes Pandora)

Narrator: and Hermes gave Pandora to Epimeteo. Pandora had a box with all the evils in the world, but Epimeto fell in loved with her!

Epimeteo and Pandora: (walking and kisssing each other)

Narrator: Prometheus did not want Pandora and his brother to be together. Epimeteo after rethinking it, he decided to leave Pandora.

Epimeteo: Sorry Pandora, I can not be with you..

Narrator: Zeus was really angry because Pandora did not have waht he wanted. So he called Hephaestus for another plan.

Zeus: I need you Hephaestuus. You have to capture Prometheus and bring him to me!!

Narrator: Hephaestus went to capture Prometheus.

Hephaestus: Come here Prometheus!!!

Prometheus: Nooo! Let me go!!!

Narrator: Zeus had a really good plan, he wanted to tie Prometheus to a rock where an eagle came to eat his liver, but the liver would regenerate because he is inmortal.

Zeus: I will make him suffer !!! hahahahahahah

Narrator: One day Hercules saw the giant Eagle and he killed it, saving Prometheus.

Prometheus: You saved me form the eagle!!! Many thanks!!!!

Hercules: You are welcome, it has not been very difficult!

Narrator: Zeus, proud of his son, didn´t worry about Prometheus´ punishment, and he invited him to the Olimpo, but he would have to carry the rock where he wad tied.

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