jueves, 26 de abril de 2018

Greek Myths- Theatre 1º ESO - Athena and Poseidon

This is the script of the theatre work by Diego Jimeno, Silvia Nuñez, Paula Díaz and Paula Rodríguez. (Script and performance) 1ºD

Diego as Poseidon
Paula R. as Athena
Paula D. as storyteller and citizens
Silvia as Storyteller, Zeus and citizens.

Storyteller: This story took place in Attica. Two gods were fighting against each other to be the protectors of the city. 

Athena: I am Athena! Goddess of the wisdom

Poseidon: I am Poseidon! God of the sea.

Storyteller: Zeus, Athena´s father, god of the thunder, told them:

Zeus: Let the citizens choose their protector 

Citizens: ok! You will give us a present and the one who gives us the most useful present will protect us. 

Citizen: Yes, I agree! Why don´t we do that?

Citizens: Yes!!!

Storyteller: They went to the mountains. Poseidon touched a rock with his trident.

Poseidon: People need water to live so....let the water flow!

Storyteller: A lot of water started to flow out of the rock.

Storyteller: The citizens were very pleased fo that and they started drinking it but they realized that it was salty water!!

Athena: Hahaha. You are ridiculous for giving them salty water. Hahaha I can do it better. 

Storyteller: She touched her stick on another rock. 

Athena: Grow little tree!!!

Storyteller: And an olive tree grew from the rock. The citizen were happy because an olive is useful in many ways.

Poseidon: All right, Athena!  I appoint you the protector of this polis. 

Storyteller: This place was namede Athens because of Athena

All together: And they all live happily ever after!!!!

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