jueves, 22 de febrero de 2018


Keith was born on May 4, 1958. He grew up in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, the oldest of four children. He started to draw right away.
“My father made cartoons. Since I was little, I had been doing cartoons, creating characters and stories.”

 In 1978, Keith moved to New York City to go to a different art school. He loved being in the big city. There were big museums with all kinds of art. There were many young artists working in his neighborhood. And there was a lot of energy on the street.

 Then Keith started seeing empty black pieces of paper on the subways. He knew that this was the perfect place for him to draw. He started making his subway drawings every day.

After Keith died, his work still lived. You can find it in museums, in books, on posters, on TV — and now even on the World Wide Web [www.haring.com & www.haringkids.com].
Keith wanted everyone to make art, especially children.

 Students  created a poster based on Keith Haring´s "Dance" series.Students will distinguish between primary and secondary  colours.


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